Exploring Gender Bias in Word Embedding

Workshop | August 29 | 5-7 p.m. | Sutardja Dai Hall, Newton room (730)

 Data Sciences

In this one and a half hours workshop, we will explore bias in a word embedding - a widespread building block of many machine learning models that work with natural languages. Word embeddings have an easy-to-explain representation that allows an intuitive understanding of this building block and its potential biases. Through the exploration, we will raise practical, methodological and philosophical questions about the ethics of AI.

The workshop is designed for a diverse audience: from without any background in machine learning or programming to data science practitioners - no technical background is required! The workshop is hands-on and interactive, and will use the same tools that data scientists are using. So bring your own laptop!

More information here: https://learn.responsibly.ai/word-embedding/