Vrije uitloop | Free range: Poems by Saskia Stehouwer, Translation + Field Notes by Joel Thomas Katz, Robert Perry, and Saskia Stehouwer

Reading - Literary | September 13 | 4-5 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall

 Saskia Stehouwer; Joel Thomas Katz; Robert Perry

 Institute of European Studies, BENELUX Studies Program, Dutch Studies

The Dutch Studies department will be hosting Saskia Stehouwer, Joel Thomas Katz and Robert Perry to speak on their new book of poetry, "Vrije uitloop | Free range". Author Saskia Stehouwer is a renowned poet from the Netherlands. She studied both Dutch and English literature at the University of Amsterdam and has worked as an editor and project leader for the VU University Amsterdam. Saskia is also founder and owner of the Kuntsgroen Foundation. In April 2019, she collaborated with Joel Thomas Katz and Robert Perry, fellow poet-translators from Palo Alto to aid in providing English translations of her Dutch poems. Robert Perry is also a publisher who founded and runs Dutch Poet Press. All three will be presenting on their recent collaboration, reading several poems in both Dutch and English, and sharing from their “Field Notes” with a Q & A session from Vrije Uitloop | Free Range.