Big Ideas Grand Prize Pitch Day 2019

Special Event | April 24 | 5-8 p.m. | 100 Blum Hall

 The Big Ideas Contest

After months of developing their Big Ideas with mentors, seven top student teams compete in the annual Big Ideas Grand Prize Pitch Day for up to $5,000 in prizes. Teams will share their vision for social impact with a panel of esteemed judges. This annual highlight of the Big Ideas contest is an exciting event with opportunities for audience participation and networking. Refreshments will be served.

Pitch Day Teams Listed Below!

Cloud-based Emergency Response System (CERS): CERS is a mobile application that enables real time matching of ambulances to patients in Kampala, Uganda. This platform will increase access to fast, safe and affordable transportation in emergency situations, saving up to 40,000 lives each year. (Makerere University)

Intelligent Bugs Mapping and Wiping: The iBMW is an affordable, unmanned ground vehicle that uses machine learning to recognize and spatially map agricultural pests. The technology will help protect crops and reduce the level of pesticide spraying. (UC Merced)

Isochoric Preservation System: The isochoric cryopreservation chamber extends the preservation of live organs from 4-6 hours (current standard) to up to 72 hours, thus transforming the accessibility of organ transplantation, and preventing up to 30% of all deaths in the US. (UC Berkeley)

Kaloum Bankhi: Kaloum Bankhi is a durable and culturally appropriate housing solution for residents in Kaloum, Guinea. The project takes a multi-faceted design approach and utilizes an innovative financial mechanism to enhance quality and affordability. (UC Berkeley)

Qloak: Qloak is a hub for knowledge about spaces that have been proven to support the LGBTQ+ community (businesses, restaurants, doctors, etc.). The user-friendly platform will foster a sense of belonging and security by increasing access to spaces suited to each individual's own personal needs. (UC Berkeley)

RePurpose Energy: RePurpose Energy tests, reassembles, and redeploys used electric vehicle batteries to provide commercial solar developers with energy storage solutions at half the cost of new battery alternatives, so they can offer more electricity bill savings, and California can accomplish its clean energy goals. (UC Davis)

Respira Labs: Respira Labs’ Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) management platform captures personalized lung volume profiles based on resonance and uses intelligent algorithms to flag patients in danger before acute symptoms arise. (UC Berkeley)

We also invite all to attend the Big Ideas Awards Celebration (5/1) the following week, where Big Ideas winners from all categories will showcase their winning projects!

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