AI for Social Impact: 2019 Conference on Business, Technology, and Human Rights

Conference/Symposium | March 7 | 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. | Haas School of Business, Chou Hall, Spieker Forum (6th Floor)

 Center for Responsible Business, Human Rights Center

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When talking about artificial intelligence, or AI, positive social impact is often not the first thing that comes to mind. Some think about AI as an amorphous, hard-to-understand, futuristic technology that will bring about more harm than good. These fears may stem from the complex and opaque nature of AI—and key actors across society must come together to discuss, debate, and solve the underlying challenges that are giving rise to these fears. Nevertheless, it is important to also explore the positive impact that AI can bring to humans and society.

The third annual Berkeley-Microsoft Conference on Business, Technology, and Human Rights will focus on the role and responsibility of business to scale AI for social impact. From tackling large-scale global challenges, such as poverty, education, and disease, to addressing local issues that disproportionately affect vulnerable groups, the 2019 Conference will bring together students, practitioners, experts, and leaders from business, academia, and civil society to explore questions, such as:
How will business develop, use, and scale AI to address local and global challenges?
How will business scale AI in a responsible way that does not infringe on human rights?
How will business, in collaboration with key stakeholders, adequately measure the positive impact of AI?

Co-sponsored by the Human Rights Center (Berkeley Law), the Center for Responsible Business (Haas), Microsoft, and the Microsoft Technology and Human Rights Center, the goal of the 2019 Conference is to build greater awareness of the positive impact of AI, but also recognize the potential downsides, risks, or unintended consequences of this technology. Participants from across industries and sectors will offer real-world examples, case studies, and best practices on how business can responsibly develop and deploy AI to generate positive social impact across the value chain. Participants will also have ample opportunities to network with current practitioners, experts, and students, who will be our future leaders in this space.

The conference will include a light breakfast, lunch, and closing reception. For those interested in attending a related event the following day, our sister organization is hosting a conference on "Women in Tech: The Future of AI."