Key Issues in the Current Global Economy

Conference/Symposium | April 5 | 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

 Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS)

What are the contours of superpower competition? How do middle powers interact with great powers in the 21st century? In East Asia, what options do middle powers in Asia such as Taiwan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and other have? What lessons might we have from middle power strategies from the age of US-Soviet Cold War competition? This conference will explore super and middle powers in an era of strategic competition, financial regulation, industrial policy and green goods, and industrial policy, IP, investment, and trade conflict.


Vinod AGGARWAL, UC Berkeley

Edward ALDEN, Council on Foreign Relations

Jan Joel ANDERSSON, Swedish Institute of
International Affairs

Daniel BALKE, UC Berkeley

Melissa CARLSON, UC Berkeley

Konan CHAN, National Chengchi University

Yi-Fen Niki CHIANG, National Chengchi University

Mark COHEN, UC Berkeley

Ralf EMMERS, Nanyang Technological University

James GREEN, Georgetown University

Eelke HEEMSKERK, University of Amsterdam

Will HUNT, UC Berkeley

Masahiro KAWAI, University of Tokyo and ERINA

Robyn KLINGLER VIDRA, King’s College London

Min Gyo KOO, Seoul National University

Wei-Yu KUO, National Chengchi University

Wen-Chieh LEE, National Chengchi University

Kuang-Ta LO, National Chengchi University

Tim MARPLE, UC Berkeley

Jonas MECKLING, UC Berkeley

Seung-Youn OH, Bryn Mawr College

Clara PARK, University of Colorado

Ishana RATAN, UC Berkeley

Andrew REDDIE, UC Berkeley

Mark SOBEL, , Official Monetary and
Financial Institutions Forum

Chung-min TSAI, National Chengchi University

Eleni TSINGOU, Copenhagen Business School

Wei-Feng TZENG, National Chengchi University

Shinn-shyr WANG, National Chengchi University, 510-642-2809;, 510-642-2809