ERG Colloquium: Andy Jones: Rational Numbers: Improving the Usability of Science for a Climate Resilient Society

Colloquium | March 14 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 126 Barrows Hall

 Andy Jones, Research Scientist, Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

 Energy and Resources Group

There is a growing need for information about changing climate conditions to guide planning ranging from agriculture to water and energy systems to coastal infrastructure. However, many of the scientific data products available to decision-makers were not produced with their needs in mind and lack credibility information that could be used to guide the use of certain data products for specific applications. Here I describe two lines of research aimed at addressing this gap – a stakeholder-informed model climate model evaluation approach, and the development of decision-support tools that enable a risk-based approach to adaptation planning given uncertain future conditions.

Dr. Jones is Deputy Director of the Climate Readiness Institute and a research scientist in the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he leads the Earth Systems and Society Program Domain. He is the Hydroclimate theme lead for LBL’s Water-Energy Resilience Research Institute. His research uses quantitative Earth system science tools –computer models, uncertainty quantification techniques, etc. – to gain decision-relevant insight into how humans affect the climate and vice versa. Through partnerships with practitioners, his work aims to enhance the resilience of water, energy, and agricultural systems to multiple stressors including an uncertain climate future., 510-642-1640