Ethnographic films by Director-cinematographer Xiangchen Liu

Colloquium | March 14 | 4-6 p.m. |  1995 University Avenue, fifth floor


 Xiangchen Liu, independent filmmaker

 Center for Chinese Studies (CCS), Mongolian Initiative

Zul (documentary, 57 minutes)
The Mongolians in Bayanbulug Area, believers of Tibetan Buddhism, make a lengthy journey through ridges and passes to reach their winter pasture deep inside Mount Tianshan. There, while being isolated for 5 months by storm and snow, people celebrate Zul, the Lamp Lighting Festival on the 25th of October on the lunar calendar each year. On this Day of Death of Tsongkhaba, founder of the Gelug School, Bayanbulug Mongolians light butter lamps to cast light and warmth on the world and their souls.

The Feast of Kurban Bayram 《献牲》(documentary, 53 minutes)
Bulonkol is located at the foot of the famous Kongur Tagh on Pamir plateau. Ayinle is a small nomadic village with only five households in the valley. Grandpa Bilimkul Bolox, who was the first one to settle here with his family, is already 91 years old. The construction of the grand Kongur hydroelectric power station will force his family and neighbors to move away from here. The nomadic life style that the Kyrgyz people have maintained for centuries in the Kongurmountain region will also change completely. To the old man, his granddaughter’s wedding ceremony and this year’s feast of Kurban Bayram imply a different meaning from in past years. With the rising of the seasonal wind, flocks of sheep start to migrate from the fall grazing ground to the winter grassland. The valley is gradually disappearing into the dust waves that follow the trucks carrying ore rocks every day.

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