"Reportage of Africa" and "Technology and Youth": MCF Graduate Scholars Summer Projects

Colloquium | October 3 | 12:30-2 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall

 Monicah Wambugu, MIMS Student 2018, School of Information; Grace Oyenubi, Journalism Student 2018, Graduate School of Journalism

 Center for African Studies

Two MasterCard Foundation Graduate Scholars share insights from their work.

1. Grace Oyenubi. Reportage of Africa, how true?

It is well known that there is racial and class bias in news reporting, in most developed countries in the world. Africa needs voices! Who best can tell Africa's stories of hope, resilience, struggle, passion, community but Africans themselves. How can this be done? Through people that are objective and driven by passion. Persons that understand the potential the continent has and the important role Africa plays in the comity of nations.

Grace Oyenubi is a 2nd student at the Graduate School of Journalism UC Berkeley. She is improving her skills towards becoming an Independent Documentary Filmmaker. Before then she worked for 15 years as a Producer/Anchor/Production Editor at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). Grace who is also a Nigerian, covered where she is from. She is passionate about human interest stories especially that which relates to the most vulnerable group; women and children. Grace is passionate to use the platform she has to be a voice to the voiceless especially from the African continent that has not been adequately and fairly portrayed. She is a member of the National Association of Black journalist NABJ.

2. Monicah Wambugu, Africa, Technology and the Youth

Africa is a young continent with the median age being around 19 years old. This young and vibrant group of people have needs such as healthcare, education and jobs. Nonetheless, they present an opportunity to provide a large, educated workforce to meet demands of a global economy. Technology is an area of expertise that can be leveraged to provide these young people with opportunities to contribute to the global economy. There is need to have training institutions that empower the youth with the relevant technical and non-technical skills to enable technological innovations.

Monicah Wambugu is a Graduate student at the School of Information at UC Berkeley focusing on Data Science, Machine Learning and Product Management. She focusses on how data science and machine learning can be used to design products and applications that respond to the behavioral and socio-economic needs of target audiences. She is the current program manager for curriculum at M SOMA , a training institute for Kenyan software developers, as well as the Lead Data Scientist at Loanbee.

 asc@berkeley.edu, 510-642-8338

 Flyer for Oyenubi and Wambugu talk