Regents' Lecture: The Great Animal Orchestra: The Essential Narratives of Biodiversity: Bernie Krause, Ph.D. soundscape ecologist, author and composer

Colloquium | September 14 | 1 p.m. | 2040 Valley Life Sciences Building

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This concise exposition underscores the significance of natural soundscapes as the defining voice of biodiversity. Since all organisms produce a sound signature, Bernie Krause, one of the founders of soundscape ecology, will introduce through both audio and complementary visual illustrations, the multiple ways in which the collective organic sound produced in a given habitat – its biophony – conveys a narrative of time, place, and fitness.

During this discussion, Dr. Krause will explore new ways of listening to the bioacoustic consequences of selective logging and clear-cutting, living and dying coral reefs, the bioacoustic consequences of drought on birdsong in the spring. He will also demonstrate the renaissance of the Black Forest and Chernobyl habitats as expressed through the biophony.

Regarding issues of resource policy and management, no discipline other than soundscape ecology illustrates as quickly or as effectively the significance of our decisions upon the living world around us. (link is external)