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Friday, October 12, 2018

Why the Common Good Disappeared and How We Get It Back

Lecture | October 12 | 1-2 p.m. |  Hertz Concert Hall

 Goldman School of Public Policy

The Class of '68 50th Reunion Lecture

PROFESSOR ROBERT B. REICH ignites a discussion of the good we have had in common, what happened to it, and what we might do to restore it. His goal is not that we all agree on the common good. It is that we get into the habit of thinking and talking about it, listening to each other’s views and providing a means for...   More >

Discovery of New Two-Dimensional Materials with Electro-Active Functionality: Nano Seminar Series

Lecture | October 12 | 2-3 p.m. | 390 Hearst Memorial Mining Building

 Prof. SungWng Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, Energy Science

 Berkeley Nanosciences and Nanoengineering Institute

In this talk, two different strategies for the discovery of new two-dimensional (2D) materials with electro-active functionality will be introduced. Our new 2D materials are created based on the engineering of crystal structure dealing with electrons, showing unprecedented physical properties.

The first material, “electride”, which is regarded as a new electronic material, is ionic crystal in...   More >

Teaching a Spanish Literature Course Online: A skeptic’s experience

Lecture | October 12 | 3-5 p.m. | Dwinelle Hall, B-4 (Classroom side)

 Mary Quinn, University of New Mexico

 Berkeley Language Center

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, one in every four undergraduate students takes at least one class online and studies show that access to online learning can boost graduation rates. But certain subjects, like language learning, seem in their very nature to be antithetical to an online format. In this talk I will share my experience of adapting a beginning literature class in...   More >

Unlikely Alliances and Transpartisanship: Finding Common Ground Across Difference on Transportation and Infrastructure

Lecture | October 12 | 4 p.m. | 290 Hearst Memorial Mining Building

 Karen Trapenberg Frick

 Institute of Transportation Studies

Against a backdrop of hyper-political polarization worldwide, this presentation reviews recent transpartisan coalitions of conservative and progressive allies who advocate for policy change about transportation and infrastructure in the United States. Some might view these as unholy alliances where participants make deals with the devil or lend one’s enemies undue legitimacy. However,...   More >

Fall 2018 Bioengineering Alumni Lecture: Pushing the Boundaries of Your Engineering Degree: Imagination Will Take You Everywhere

Lecture | October 12 | 5:30-7 p.m. | 106 Stanley Hall

 Dr. Karin Hollerbach

 Bioengineering (BioE)

Karin Hollerbach serves as Managing Director of Taku International, a technology consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Germany, and conducts R&D for a medical device / wearables company in Silicon Valley. Applications of her technical interests in cyber-physical systems, both real and sci-fi, cut across multiple industries, including energy, medical, ag tech, and search and...   More >

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