El Arte y la Política, y el Caso de César Vallejo: Poetry and the other Arts; Critique; Activism; Legacies

Lecture | October 20 | 12:30-2 p.m. |  Latinx Research Center

 2547 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

 César Vallejo

 Latinx Research Center

César Vallejo (1892-1938)–the incomparable Peruvian poet, critic-essayist, and radical political activist–created an extraordinary body of poetic art, along with a series of essays on aesthetics and politics, that have had great influence in the Americas and worldwide since the 1940s. Vallejo’s rich, brilliant, experimental, challenging work and his extraordinary life brought him to the center–where he remains today–of considerations, rethinkings, and engagements with “the question of aesthetics and politics.” Victor Quiroz (UC Berkeley Spanish & Portuguese Department), Matthew Gonzales (UCB Comparative Literature Department & UCB Program in Critical Theory), and Robert Kaufman (UCB Comparative Literature Department and UCB Program in Critical Theory) all teach, and are currently writing about, Vallejo and his influence on approaches to the relations among art, culture, identities, and politics–in the past and today. Please join them for this lunchtime presentation and discussion. Feat: Matt Gonzales (Comp Lit) , Victor Quiroz (Spanish and Portuguese), and I (Comp Lit; Program in Critical Theory)–together offer brief lunchtime “brown bag” charlas at the Latinix Resource Center about how our work engages the poetry, criticism/critical theory, activism, and legacies of the Peruvian poet César Vallejo.

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 All Audiences