Maneuvering in a World of Great Powers

Conference/Symposium | October 25 | 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

 Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS), Berkeley APEC Study Center (BASC), Center for Korean Studies (CKS), Center for Japanese Studies (CJS), Center for Chinese Studies (CCS)

In a globalized international political economy, with increasing competition between the US, China and other large powers, medium and small powers must maneuver carefully. This workshop will specifically focus on the security and economic dimensions of strategic competition including industrial policy, strategic trade, and the financial system.

Among the issues addressed are:

-How can middle powers contribute to setting the agenda in dealing with the global commons? Can international law help middle powers constrain the actions of superpowers? How will middle powers fit into an evolving alliance network with China and the U.S.?

Given the rise of unilateral protectionism by the US and response by China, how can middle powers balance between security and economic concerns? Will the pursuit of bilateral free trade agreements and mega-FTAs help middle powers maintain open markets for their goods and services?

-How can middle powers use industrial policy to maintain their competitiveness? With pressures to promote green industries, how can middle powers avoid a protectionist backlash against their policies?

-How can middle powers influence foreign direct investment arbitration bodies and mechanisms? Can middle powers influence financial rules and regulations in a world of major powers given their position in the semi-periphery? How can middle powers affect loan conditionality terms?

Speakers include:
Vinnie Aggarwal, UC Berkeley
Daniel Balke, UC Berkeley
Ping-Kuei Chen, National Chengchi University
Gina Choi, UC Berkeley
Kristi Govella, University of Hawaii
Min Gyo Koo, Seoul National University
Seungjoo Lee, Chung-Ang University
Yeh-Chung Lu, National Chengchi University
Tim Marple, UC Berkeley
Seung-Youn Oh, Bryn Mawr College
Ishana Ratan, UC Berkeley
Andrew Reddie, UC Berkeley
Ivana Stradner, UC Berkeley
Chung Min Tsai, National Chengchi University
John Yoo, UC Berkeley, 510-642-2809;, 510-642-2809

 Middle Powers Conference Program