Combinatorics Seminar: Characterization of queer supercrystals

Seminar | February 25 | 12:10-1 p.m. | 939 Evans Hall

 Wencin Poh, UC Davis

 Department of Mathematics

We provide a characterization of the crystal bases for the quantum queer superalgebra recently introduced by Grantcharov et al.. This characterization is a combination of local queer axioms generalizing Stembridge's local axioms for crystal bases for simply-laced root systems, which were recently introduced by Assaf and Oguz, with further axioms and a new graph $G$ characterizing the relations of the type $A$ components of the queer crystal. We provide a counterexample to Assaf's and Oguz' conjecture that the local queer axioms uniquely characterize the queer supercrystal. We obtain a combinatorial description of the graph $G$ on the type $A$ components by providing explicit combinatorial rules for the odd queer operators on certain highest weight elements.