“Even if everything ends” A talk with writer and translator Victoria Häggblom on the translation of contemporary Swedish poet Bruno K. Öijer

Lecture | January 29 | 12-1 p.m. | 201 Moses Hall

 Victoria Häggblom

 Institute of European Studies, Department of Scandinavian, Nordic Studies Program

The work of Swedish poet Bruno K. Öijer (b. 1951) has been described as “dark, crystalline, magnetic, and mystical”. His compilation "The Trilogy" will be available to English-speaking readers for the first time when published in Victoria Häggblom’s translation by Action Books in 2019.

Öijer has been one of the most popular and influential Swedish poets for decades, and is as well known in Scandinavia as Tomas Tranströmer. Öijer published his first book, Song for Anarchism, in 1973. His now-classic The Trilogy includes the collections Medan Giftet Verkar (While the Poison Acts, 1990), Det Förlorade Ordet (The Lost Word, 1995), and Dimman av Allt (The Fog of Everything 2001). He continues to publish books as well as giving sold-out readings and performances around Sweden.

Victoria Häggblom will present a selection of Öijer's poems and discuss the process of translating his work and vision into English. The lecture will be followed by a short Q and A.

 heike@berkeley.edu, 510-643-4558