Traffic Control for Safer Work Zones

Special Event | April 11 | 8 a.m.-5 p.m. | Richmond Field Station, Bldg. 445

 Gordon Wang, PE, Associate Safety Engineer, Cal/OSHA

 Technology Transfer Program

Traffic Control for Safe Work Zones is designed to keep the workers and public safe during road construction and maintenance, utility work, landscaping and railway maintenance work along roadways in California. This training course is compliant with the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CAMUTCD), Cal-OSHA Sections 1598 & 1599, and California Vehicle Code Section 21400; it also incorporates the latest State and Federal guidelines.

Customization is a key feature of our Work Zone Safety Training program - our course can be tailored to accommodate the needs of crews working on local streets, low volume roads, or high-speed facilities.

Collectively, our team of instructors has over 150 years of work zone related experience. They are all Licensed Professional Engineers who all work for Public Agencies or as Engineering and Liability Consultants. Many of the instructors also are active members of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (WATCH) and the Caltrans 2014 CAMUTCD working team.

Who Should Attend

This training is available to cities, counties, state, and federal agencies, utility companies, and private contractors.

From the CAMUTCD 6B.06:
"Each person whose actions affect Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) zone safety, from the upper-level management through the field workers, should receive training appropriate to the job decisions each individual is required to make. Only those individuals who are trained in proper TTC practices and have a basic understanding of the principles should supervise the selection, placement, and maintenance of TTC devices used for TTC zones and for incident management."

 $150.00 Standard Fee

  Register online or by calling 510-643-4393, or by emailing, 510-643-4393