Stitching Palestine: 70th Anniversary of Al-Nakba Film Series

Film - Documentary | January 25 | 6-8 p.m. | 340 Stephens Hall

 Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Arab Film Festival

Second of a three-part film series presented by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in partnership with The Arab Film Festival on the 70th anniversary of Al-Nakba of 1948, one of the Middle East's most defining episodes. Rather than approach it as a singular event in the past, the films in this series (all recently released) illustrate the unfolding nature of Al-Nakba (Arabic for cataclysm or catastrophe) as an epoch of unrelenting erasure of Palestinian lives and histories. They also show how a traumatic event can be generative of infinite passion and creativity. The themes of these non-fiction films are: suturing exilic connections with the denied homeland through the art of embroidery; film-making as a revolutionary and revelatory act in the face of erasure; and a 3rd generation refugee’s search for love as an antidote to defeat and addiction. The series is curated by Ahmad Diab, Assistant Professor of Arabic Literature in the Department of Near Eastern Studies, who will be on hand for the screening and discussion that follows.

ABOUT THE FILM: "Stitching Palestine"
Director: Carol Mansour
Countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine 2017
Language: Arabic
78 mins - Color

Twelve Palestinian women talk of their lives before the Diaspora, their memories, and their identity, interconnected by the ancient art and Palestinian cultural tradition of embroidery. Resilient and determined, the women are lawyers, artists, writers, housewives, activists, architects, and politicians who seek to stitch together the story of their homeland, their dispossession, and their unwavering strives towards justice. Delicate and well-paced yet detailed, playful, and methodical in her mobilization of the interview format, award-winning Canadian/Lebanese-Palestinian filmmaker Carol Mansour engineers a multi-perspective tableau of what it means to be proud, Palestinian, and woman.

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