CWED: A Symposium to Celebrate a Decade of Important Minimum Wage Research

Conference/Symposium | December 8 | 9 a.m.-6 p.m. | 2521 Channing Way (Inst. for Res. on Labor & Employment), IRLE Director's Room

 Michael Reich, Co-Chair, Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics; Sylvia Allegretto, Co-Chair, Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics; Arindrajit Dube, University of Massachusetts - Amherst; Ben Zipperer, Economic Policy Institute; Ken Jacobs, UC Berkeley Labor Center; Claire Montialoux, Stanford University/CREST; Jared Bernstein, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; Bill Spriggs, Howard University; Lindsey Bullinger, University of Indiana; Will Dow, UC Berkeley

 Laura Giuliano, UC Merced; Ian Perry, UC Berkeley Labor Center; Emmanuel Saez, UC Berkeley; Larry Mishel, Economic Policy Institute

 Sandra Smith, Interim Director, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment

 Carl Nadler, Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics

 Anna Godoy, Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics

 Institute of Research on Labor & Employment, Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

It has been ten years since the creation of the Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics (CWED), housed in the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE). Since then, CWED has become well-known for its trailblazing academic and policy research on a number of important economic issues, including the effects of the Great Recession, public sector workers, low-wage labor markets and, most notably, minimum and subminimum wage impacts.

To mark the occasion, IRLE and CWED are organizing a one-day symposium, CWED: Celebrating a Decade of Important Miniimum Wage Research. The symposium will chronicle CWED’s beginnings; highlight its most influential employment impact studies and its prospective studies on the effects of $15 minimum wage increases; and then turn the spotlight on to new methods in minimum wage research and the downstream effects of minimum wages on children’s and workers’ well-being. We will close with a discussion of where CWED will go in its next ten years.


9:00 AM Welcomes:
Sandra Smith (Interim Director, IRLE and Professor of Sociology at UCB)
Michael Reich and Sylvia Allegretto (Co-Chairs, CWED)

9:45 AM Panel 1: CWED’s innovative methods and the new consensus
Chair: Michael Reich (CWED)
- Arindrajit Dube (UMass Amherst): Highlights from CWED’s most influential impact studies
- Sylvia Allegretto (CWED): Synthetic control analyses of local minimum wages
- Ben Zipperer (EPI): Minimum wage effects using the bunching estimator
Discussants: Laura Giuliano (UCM), Ian Perry (Center for Labor Research and Education)

11:15 AM Coffee break

11:30 AM Panel 2: CWED’s prospective studies: track record and policy impact
Chair: Carl Nadler (Postdoctoral Scholar, CWED)
- Ken Jacobs (Chair, Center for Labor Research and Education): Living wages in cities and airports
- Michael Reich (CWED): Modeling the effects of a $15 federal minimum wage
- Claire Montialoux (Stanford and CREST): Simulating the effects of $15 minimum wages in New York State and California
Discussants: Emmanuel Saez (UCB), Larry Mishel (EPI)

1:00 PM Luncheon talk: The four noble truths (about getting to and staying at full employment)
Jared Bernstein (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)

2:30 PM Panel 3: Other adjustment channels; downstream effects on children
Chair: Anna Godoy (Postdoctoral Scholar, CWED)
- Bill Spriggs: Upgrading skill use of incumbent workers in low-wage industries
- Lindsey Bullinger (Indiana): Reducing child maltreatment Money matters: Does the minimum wage affect child maltreatment rates?
- Will Dow (UCB): Improving child health
Discussants: Arindrajit Dube (UMass Amherst), Rachel West (Center for American Progress)

4:00 PM Discussion: Beyond Minimum Wages: What next for CWED?
Moderator: Sandra Smith (Interim Director, IRLE and Professor of Sociology at UCB)
Arindrajit Dube, Michael Reich, Jesse Rothstein (UCB), Larry Mishel (EPI), Emmanuel Saez (UCB)

5:30 PM Closing remarks: Sylvia Allegretto (CWED)

6:00 PM Reception

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