Who Am I? Exploring Identity of Prospective Teachers and Teacher Educators towards the Profession of Teaching

Colloquium | September 11 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 2515 Tolman Hall

 Dr. Munir Moosa, Sindh Madressatul Islam University, Pakistan

 Graduate School of Education

Identity is central to teachers’ development. Exploring self-identity empowers practitioners to reflect on their position and practices, and separate their personal beliefs, ideologies, and biases from teaching practices (Rus et al., 2013; Cranton, 2001; Beauchamp and Thomas, 2009; Walkington, 2005). It helps them to become a reflective practitioner and embrace teaching profession with compassion. In this presentation, Dr. Munir will help practitioners dive into their identities and identify their standing positions towards teaching. He will also discuss the philosophy of teaching and the professional attributes that one should carry in preparing global-minded learners.

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