Muetterties Seminar in Inorganic Chemistry: Integrative metallomic approach to uncover metallo-proteomes in microbes

Seminar | April 20 | 4-5 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Hongzhe Sun, Department of Chemistry, University of Hong Kong

 College of Chemistry

It is crucial to identify metal-protein interactions at a proteome-wide scale which are difficult due to certain weak and transient interactions. We developed an integrated approach consisting of gel electrophoresis and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, LA-ICP-MS, IMAC, fluorescence and bioinformatics to identify metal-associated proteins using bismuth and silver as an example. We have identified metal-associated proteins as well as to quantify the metals for rapid metallome/proteome-wide profiling of metal-binding proteins. Metal-tunable fluorescence probe can track metal-binding proteins in cells. We also show that an integrative metallomic approach together with metabolomics represents a powerful tool to uncover metallo-proteome in microbes as well as pharmacology of metallodrugs.

 Light refreshments will be served at 3:50 at The Coffee Lab, 510-643-0572