Design Talk: Gardens for the Senses with Javier Mariategui

Lecture | March 30 | 4-6 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

The UC Botanical Garden is delighted to host Spanish landscape designer Javier Mariátegui for an illustrated talk about his approach to garden design and some of the gardens featured in his book, "The Spanish Gardens of Javier Mariátegui: Gardens for the Senses." He considers each garden to be a work of art, and as in any work of art, its language is led by intuition and sensations. He loves order and disorder, straight lines and curved, the wild chaos of nature as well as strict geometrical patterns, varied and single species of plants, color and absence of color. Water is an essential element of many of Javier’s designs, and he enjoys bringing all of the elements of a garden together until they harmonize. Stay for a reception following the talk.

About Javier Mariátegui
It is not by chance that Javier Mariátegui dedicated himself to gardening. He grew up among gardens. His parents and both of his grandmothers were gardening enthusiasts, and one of them, the Marchioness of Casa Valdes, wrote the classic book, Spanish Gardens. After completing the landscape gardening and design program at the Escuela de Paisajismo y Jardineria Castillo de Batres in Madrid, Javier worked as a gardener in England. Back in Spain, he founded Jardines de Espana nursery, which employs handicapped children. For the past thirty years, he has created many gardens across Spain and in several other European countries. Javier is the author of two books, Gardens for the Senses and El Jardin de los Tapices / The Tapestry Garden, and Spanish television has dedicated a monographic program to his gardens. Among the present landscape designers in Spain, Javier Mariátegui plays an outstanding role.

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