Texas Instruments Info-Session

Information Session | January 30 | 6-7:30 p.m. | Soda Hall, Wozniak Lounge (430-8)

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Come join Texas Instruments for a tech talk and Q&A with Sr. Manager Philippe Jansen! Jansen will give an overview of TI and career opportunities and then jump into his talk.

Resumes are accepted, and Berkeley Thai House will be served!

Tech Talk: Towards a better experience interacting with your world!
Learn how an 85 year old semiconductor company keeps earning a top innovator award year after year.
How Texas Instruments improves your connectivity with the world at any time of day, whether at home, in your car, at school, at work or on vacation. All this with great respect for its environment.


Since the early 70’s, the semiconductor industry has followed Moore’s law: through transistor scaling, one obtains a better performance–to-cost ratio. This has resulted in an exponential growth of the semiconductor market.
Since the early 2000’s, the industry is now faced with the increasing importance of a new trend, “More than Moore”, where added value to devices is provided by incorporating functionalities that do not necessarily scale according to "Moore's Law“.
Since 2008, Texas Instruments has embraced this “More than Moore” trend. Texas Instruments has shifted from a digital centric IC provider to an analog, mixed-signal and integrated power semiconductor company.
In this presentation, the presenter will highlight a couple of these added values, such as Digital Micro-mirror Devices used for movie projection and automotive headlights.