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Monday, September 19, 2016

[Physics Colloquium] The Role of Chance in the Survival of the Fittest

Seminar | September 19 | 4:15-5 p.m. | LeConte Hall, Lecture Hall 1

Oskar Hallatschek, Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley

Department of Physics

Population expansions are ubiquitous in nature. They control the speed of many important dynamical processes, including multicellular development, biological evolution and epidemic outbreaks. Yet, the theoretical description of spreading behaviors has been limited largely to mean-field models that ignore the randomness inherent to living systems. In this talk, I present theoretical arguments and...   More >

Monday, September 26, 2016

[Physics Colloquium] TODAY'S FRESH SHEET: Latest Results on Demixing of Lipids and Proteins in Membranes

Seminar | September 26 | 4:15-5 p.m. | LeConte Hall, Lecture Hall 1

Sarah Keller, Professor, University of Washington

Department of Physics

Lipids and proteins in model and cell-derived membranes demix through a reversible phase transition. Micron-scale domains appear below a distinct miscibility transition temperature and disappear above it. This seminar summarizes research published in the past year that measures fundamental parameters of membrane demixing and that probes demixing in new membrane systems.

This is a joint Physics...   More >