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New Music by Berkeley Composers/Eco Ensemble: Berkeley New Music Project

Performing Arts - Music: Highlight: DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC | May 9 | 8 p.m. |  Hertz Concert Hall

Department of Music

Berkeley New Music Project/Eco Ensemble

David Milnes conducts new works by UC Berkeley graduate student composers featuring our resident professional new music ensemble

Free and open to the public

Maija HYNNINEN: Earthship
Antonio JUAN-MARCOS: Arbol del Abril
Ravi KITTAPPA: 2 0 1 5 and KUBA
Ursula KWONG-BROWN: Reflections on Rothko
Andrew LY: murmurations
Amadeus REGUCERA: Inexpressible v.2 and OPHELIA. Her heart is a clock
Jeremy WEXLER: for James Tenney

Eco Ensemble + guest musicians:
flutes: Tod Brody, Stacey Pelinka
oboes: Kyle Bruckmann, Christopher Wirick
clarinets: Peter Josheff, Sarah Bonomo, Cameron Winrow
saxophone: Jacob Kopcienski
horn: Susan Vollmer
trumpet: Shuichi Bunden
percussion: Loren Mach
harp: Dan Levitan
piano: Ann Yi
guitar: David Tanenbaum
violins: Hrabba Atladottir, Dan Flanagan, Ilana Thomas
violas: Ellen Ruth Rose, Jane Kim
cellos: Leighton Fong, Mosa Tsay
double bass: Richard Worn
conductors: David Milnes, Jane Kim
tech: Jay Cloidt

Admission is FREE. Please join us after the concert for a reception.

 Free and open to the public All seats unreserved, 510-642-4864