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Innovations in Traffic Safety Research: ITS Berkeley - Special Transportation Seminar

Seminar | February 7 | 4-5 p.m. |  Davis Hall

Mohsen A. Jafari, Ph.D., Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Rutgers University

Institute of Transportation Studies

Traffic crashes and accidents at intersections, roundabouts and roadway segments result from many complex factors, but at a basic level, they are outcomes of the interactions among vehicles and other road users. Since few direct measurements of these interactions are available, engineers and planners instead attempt to understand them by studying crashes and accidents reports. As crashes account for a tiny fraction of safety conflicts, these reports fail to provide a full understanding of what is happening at the points of accidents. This is especially true of crashes involving pedestrians and bicycles, for which data are sparse, making it difficult to determine reliable patterns. In this talk we will present risk based traffic safety models using multiple data streams, including near miss data, systemic data, historical traffic accidents, and drivers’ naturalistic behavior data. We will also briefly discuss ongoing research at Rutgers on the development of Plan4Saefty software which is currently being used by the State of New Jersey for traffic safety analysis and planning.