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Religious Norms and the Public Sphere: The Challenge

Conference/Symposium | May 6 | 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. | Bancroft Hotel, Great Hall

Ebrahim Moosa; Olivier Roy

Institute of International Studies

For more information:

A 2 days conference to address for instance the revolution in the Arab world, the building of religious buildings, the wearing of religious clothes, the accepting/rejecting of religious norms in the public sphere such as halal, kosher etc. The issue is the tensions between religious freedom, freedom of expression, national specificity (dominant or established religion in one country: Islam in Egypt, Anglicanism in GB, Catholicism in Italy, "laïcite"in France), citizenship, national identity, immigrations, conversions, existing laws in favor of established religions, claims of new religious groups, religious lobbying to impose specific norms (abortion, decency, censorship...)

Sponsored by IIS-Center on Institutions and Governance (, the Center for Islamic Studies-GTU and the Kadish Center-Berkeley Law

With the support of the Partner University Fund and the Social Science Research Council