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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Changing North Korea

Colloquium: Center for Korean Studies | November 12 | 12 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

Andray Abrahamian, Executive Director, Choson Exchange

Center for Korean Studies (CKS)

Each one of us has some conception of North Korea. It has forced its way into our imaginations, yet so many developments in North Korea's economic and social relations are either ignored or misinterpreted. While the authorities search for non-threatening policy experiments, young North Koreans seek opportunities in the business world. Choson Exchange focuses on supporting pragmatic, talented...   More >

Visiting faculty Shoko Hikage, Koto: 62nd Annual Noon Concert Series

Performing Arts - Music: Center for Korean Studies | November 12 | 12:15-1 p.m. |  Hertz Concert Hall

Department of Music

Visiting faculty Shoko Hikage performs traditional music for koto, joined by Narae Kwon, gayageum. They will perform
Echoes of Harmonious Music for kayageum and koto

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Western Language Resources for East Asian Studies

Information Session: Center for Chinese Studies: Center for Korean Studies: Center for Japanese Studies | November 13 | 2-3:30 p.m. | 375 East Asian Library

Bruce Williams, C. V. Starr East Asian Library

C. V. Starr East Asian Library

Introduction to locating materials and information in Western languages in the area of East Asian Studies by using library databases, catalogs and other bibliographic tools.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Chinese in Pre-Colonial and Colonial Korea, 1882-1945

Colloquium: Center for Korean Studies: Institute of East Asian Studies | November 14 | 4 p.m. | 180 Doe Library

Vladimir Tikhonov, Professor, University of Oslo

Center for Korean Studies (CKS)

Contrary to the commonly accepted wisdom, Korean society never was “ethnically homogeneous,” even before the onset of the epoch of multiculturalism in the 1990s in South Korea. In pre-colonial and colonial Korea, ethnic Chinese – mostly from Shandong – were the main non-Korean ethnic group residing in Korea, alongside with (much more numerous) Japanese. By 1910, they numbered ca. 2000; by 1931,...   More >

Politics is More Difficult Than Physics: Evidence from Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand

Lecture: Center for Korean Studies: Institute of East Asian Studies | November 14 | 5 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall | Canceled

Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS)

Giovanna Dore, Jae Ku, and Karl Jackson cite the relative absence of participation between elections, the continued influence of traditional social structures, the incomplete emergence of civil society organizations, public opinions of democracy and authoritarian rule, and the persisting weaknesses of political parties. Their book shows how mass attitudes and behaviors enable continued elite...   More >

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Does the United States Have a Grand Strategy in Asia?

Lecture: Center for Korean Studies | November 19 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 180 Doe Library | Note change in location

Michael J. Green, Senior Vice President for Asia and Japan Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies; Associate Professor, Georgetown University

Institute of International Studies, Institute of East Asian Studies (IEAS)

Michael Jonathan Green is senior vice president for Asia and Japan Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and an associate professor at the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He served on the staff of the National Security Council (NSC) from 2001 through 2005, first as director for Asian affairs, with responsibility for Japan, Korea,...   More >

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