Microsoft Excel Nested and Logical Functions (BETEC023)

Course | October 10 | 1:30-4 p.m. | 28 University Hall

 Keith Samsell

 Human Resources

"This course details the theory and syntax of nested Functions, including the integration of Logical Functions as well as the integration of Formulas with Functions. Calculation auditing features are reviewed to provide methods of inspecting concealed processing steps.

Please note: Although there is no required prerequisite for this course, it is highly recommended to attend Microsoft Excel Formulas and Functions (BETEC007) or to have a strong working knowledge of the learning objectives of that course.

Learning Objectives
* Understand the theory and syntax of Functions.
* Nest multiple Functions together in one calculation.
* Create standalone and nested Logical Functions.
* Nest Formulas and Functions together in one calculation.
* Use calculation auditing features to inspect calculation processing steps."