Microsoft Publisher Fundamentals (BETEC030)

Course: Technology and Systems Training | June 27 | 1:30-4 p.m. | 28 University Hall

 Keith Samsell

 Human Resources

"This comprehensive foundation course details the process of using Microsoft Publisher for desktop publishing; including the development and design of publications that incorporate text, graphics, and objects for internal production or commercial printing.

Learning Objectives
• Identify the elements of the Microsoft Publisher interface.
• Define page layout and structure to organize pages and sections.
• Perform design and formatting on publication content using visual aids.
• Manipulate text-based content and establish links between content to control text flow between connected, non-adjacent publication areas.
• Integrate visual elements including Pictures, Shapes, and WordArt.
• Modify Master Pages to create uniform multi-page designs.
• Utilize the template gallery for standardized designs.
• Export publications in multiple formats as well as for commercial printing services."