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The Poetics and Politics of Transnational Queer Feminist of Color Film: a dialogue between globally renowned filmmaker Pratibha Parmar and Berkeley Professor Paola Bacchetta

Colloquium | March 21 | 12-2 p.m. | 370 Dwinelle Hall

Pratibha Parmar, Associate Professor in Film, California College of the Arts

Paola Bacchetta, Professor of Gender and Women's Studies and Vice Chair for Pedagogy, UC Berkeley

Department of Gender and Women's Studies, Center for Race and Gender

Part of the Feminist Studies and Decolonial Epistemologies Lecture Series

This event consists of a dialogue between globally renowned film-maker Pratibha Parmar and Berkeley Professor Paola Bacchetta, about what filmic creation and reception can open up for feminist and queer of color life world making. The conversation will center on a selection of Parmar’s films, namely: "Sari Red"; "Khush; A Place of Rage"; and her as yet unviewed work in progress entitled "My Name Is Andrea". The discussion will be interspliced with clips drawn from each film. Together the films transport us into many registers of life from the 1980s to the present, across India, Britain, Canada, and the U.S. Parmar and Bacchetta will engage with each film’s emergence in its historical context, its multiple significations and its many angles of situated reception. In sum, across these films and across their genres (art film to documentary), how do the discursive, textual, stylistic, textural, operate together to create new avenues of perception and produce a world?

Short bios:
Pratibha Parmar is a writer, director and producer of fiction, non-fiction and experimental film. An award-winning filmmaker whose work has received international recognition, her work have been exhibited at film festivals, in art galleries and on BBC Television (UK) and PBS (U.S) Parmar was awarded the ICON Award by the London Indian Film Festival in 2017 for her contribution to world cinema.

Paola Bacchetta is a Professor in Gender & Women's Studies at UC Berkeley. Her research interests focus on transnational feminist and queer of color theories; postcolonial theory; theories of the inseparability of gender, sexuality, "race"-racism, ethnicity, class, nation, and religion; global political and religious conflict (especially Hindu nationalism; and racializations of Muslims and Islam); theories of resistance and transgression; right-wing movements; geographic areas of specialization outside the U.S.: India and France.

Funding provided by: The Chau Hoi Shuen Foundation Fund for Gender & Women's Studies