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Swarm Lab Seminar: Hybrid reAssemblage: a search for synergy between traditional practices and contemporary technology

Seminar: Swarm Lab | February 7 | 12:30-2 p.m. | 490H Cory Hall

Amit Zoran, MIT

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

In his talk, Amit will present an attempt to define a new hybrid territory merging the two polarized arenas of digital practices and traditional craft. The following projects visualize how the advantages of traditional techniques can benefit contemporary design while preserving cultural heritage.
The FreeD is a digital handheld milling device for sculpturing and carving, reintroducing craft techniques to digital fabrication. Fused Crafts is a collection of artifacts, part handcrafted part 3D printed, to demonstrate the visual potential of combining these practices.
Finally, the Chameleon Guitar merges real-wood acoustic qualities with a simulated guitar body, providing the digital freedom with the uniqueness of acoustic instruments. Together, these projects demonstrate a new design territory of artifacts produced by both machine and man, collaborating automated production as well as human subjectivity.