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DREAM Seminar: Automated and semi-automated memory management in real-time

Seminar: DREAM | February 19 | 4:10-5 p.m. | 490H Cory Hall

Jan Vitek, Purdue University

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

This talk looks back at techniques for rescuing real-time programmers from the tyranny of object pools and manual memory management. I will present a retrospective look at region allocation and real-time garbage collection for hard real-time systems. I will demonstrate the impact of scheduling techniques on predictability and present experimental results obtained on the Fiji Java virtual machine.

Vitek is Full Professor and Faculty Scholar in the Computer Science Department at Purdue University. He led the development of the Ovm hard real-time Java virtual machine. He is a founder of Fiji systems. His research interests span from programming language design and implementation to real-time and embedded systems. He is the chair of SIGPLAN., 510-460-0280