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About the Calendar Network

Because of the wealth of events here and the vital need to foster interdisciplinary interaction and share information between departments, we have developed the UC Berkeley Calendar Network. The calendar network provides a uniquely comprehensive listing of all that is happening here at UC Berkeley.

Over 120 colleges, departments, and units have joined the network. During the school year's peak times, these calendars list some 1,500 upcoming campus events, the vast majority of which are listed in our campuswide calendar.

The first calendar in the network, the campuswide calendar that is a feature of the main UC Berkeley website, debuted in December 2006. Since this launch, the network has rapidly expanded with new units and their calendars continuing to join up. Membership in the network, which was designed to grow but inevitably has its limits, is at the discretion of the Office of Public Affairs. Read more about the implementation and design of the calendar network.

The calendar network allows departments to customize and control the design and content of their respective calendars so that they can be readily integrated into department websites. To help publicize events, when units wish to spread word beyond their own calendar, the application allows other calendars in the network to publish these events.

The UC Berkeley Calendar Network was created through a collaboration between the Office of Public Affairs, which manages the calendar and its development, and Information Services & Technology. There is no charge to join the network. The Public Affairs calendar editor-coordinator assists departments in setting up their calendar sites and provides support. Additional features and enhancements will continue to be developed, and we encourage feedback from those who use the system. For additional information, contact the UC Berkeley Calendar Network editor-coordinator.