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Monday, September 18, 2017

Berkeley Lectures in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering presented by The Dow Chemical Company: Functionalizable Polypeptides and Polymeric siRNA Smart Delivery

Lecture: Chem. & Biomol. Engineering Colloquium: Special Seminar | September 18 | 4-6 p.m. |  Anthony Hall

 Paula T. Hammond, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 Department of Chemical Engineering

The controlled polymerization of N-carboxyanhydride monomers provides a means of generating synthetic polypeptides; however, until recently, only native amino acids were incorporated along the backbone. Our lab introduced an alkyne functionalized monomer, propargyl-L-glutamate, that enables the use of click chemistry post-polymerization, thus allowing the generation of a broad range of different...   More >

Bacterial Motility: Swim or Glide

Colloquium | September 18 | 4:15 p.m. | LeConte Hall, 1 LeConte

 Howard C. Berg, Harvard University

 Department of Physics, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

Much is known about the swimming behavior of Escherichia coli. I will mention early work on tracking that revealed E. coli’s biased random walk, followed by the realization that bacterial flagella rotate rather than wave or beat. Then I will describe the signaling network that couples the receptors to the flagella, including adaptation that occurs both at the input and at the output of this...   More >