Quantifying the environmental influences on human health through the lens of human-microbial interactions: Dr. Wenyu Zhou, Stanford University

Seminar: Bioinformatics Seminars: Mathematical and Computational Biology Seminar Series | February 24 | 10-11:30 a.m. | 1205 Berkeley Way West

 Center for Computational Biology, Public Health, School of

Abstract: Our public health is threatened by widespread complex diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, the etiology of which cannot be fully dissected from a single perspective. The commensal microbiome, recently emerged as a "hidden organ", should not be left behind owing to its pivotal role in modulating human health. I focus on studying Type 2 Diabetes as proof of principle to systematically assess the onset and development course of complex diseases. I utilized a deep longitudinal multi-omics profiling approach and tracked healthy and pre-diabetic individuals both at healthy baselines and responses to various types of environmental stress (respiratory viral infections, immunization, antibiotics intakes and others). The study describes, for the first time, the intra- and inter-personal variability for more than thousands of human and microbial molecules over the years. My talk will walk through major findings of my recent research, and showcase how the complex and dynamic ’omic landscape of pre-diabetes in both host and microorganisms during health and environmental perturbations enable us to investigate the early molecular signs of disease development at an individual level.