Color Colloquium: Brazil

Colloquium | March 15 | 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

Come join us for this wonderful opportunity to learn all about the native dye plants of Brazil and the conservation concerns surrounding their use and harvest. The Garden is thrilled to invite master dyers from Brazil, Eber Lopes- Ferreira and Alexandra Oliviera to present this colloquium in partnership with Slow Fiber Studios.

- Native Brazilian Natural Color Plants - Sustainable Methods for their Production and Conservation - Case Studies in Brazil" by Eber Lopes-Ferreira

 A specialist in natural dyes, Eber Lopes Ferreira is the Research Director and Associate Partner for Etno Botanico Research and Technological Innovation Ltd.  Eber, a, textile art designer in both the handcrafts and industrial sectors and a senior consultant on national sustainable development projects, conducts research on the industrial applications of natural dyes. With Etno Botanica, he strives to create natural dye products based on principles of environmental and social responsibility for traditional populations and small family farmers. 

- Studio InBlueBrazil- A focus on research, study, and product development by Aleksandra Oliviera

Known to most by her nickname, Leka is the owner of Studio InBlueBrazil, a slow fashion company specializing in shibori, sustainable fabric and natural dyes. Expect to be exposed to the chemistry and the industrial background of natural dye products, while gaining perspective on the possibilities for creative applications. 

  $40, $35 members

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