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Turning of the Bones: a short film of an African burial tradition in Madagascar: meet the Los Angeles based film-maker

Film - Short: Other UCB Archaeology | May 6 | 6-7:30 p.m. | International House, Home Room

Jacques Randrianary, International House Events

International House

FAMADIHANA is a rite of reburial in Madagascar. It is a rite of opening the family crypts,
re-wrapping the bones with new shrouds, and transferring or returning the remains
from one crypt to another or within the same crypts in a joyful tone through dancing
with folklore music band.
This short fi lm by Jacques Randrianary (Loyola Marymount School of Film) brings
a rich context to this long-standing tradition by tracing one family’s journey through
the grief, guilt and redemption embedded in the process of Famadihana. Haunted by
their past surviving family members are torn apart. Due to unfi nished duties towards
and grief over a deceased mother, they decide to take a journey to remove, re-wrap
and bring home the remains of their deceased loved one. It is a journey of reconnecting
with ancestors as well as ancestral land, houses, and tombs. It is a journey of repair
and reconciliation in terms of “seeing again,” and “touching again.”

All Audiences

All Audiences, 510-566-9867