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Beyond Herzog: Current Thinking About Ice Age Art

Lecture: ARF Brownbag | May 2 | 12-1 p.m. | 101 2251 College (Archaeological Research Facility)

Meg Conkey, Professor emerita, Anthropology, UC Berkeley

Archaeological Research Facility

In this talk, I will discuss the current ways of thinking about and studying the Ice Age "arts" of Paleolithic Europe. While Herzog's movie, "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" brought a 3-D exposure to a wider public about the now-famous Grotte Chauvet (Ardèche, France) there is much more to think about than the "enchantment" of the images and the "virtuosities" of the creators. Recent work in understanding the technologies of the image-making, the chrono-spatial patternings of image-making (including a newly discovered site in central Europe) and assessments of the interpretive field will be discussed ( with no references to albino crocodiles - sorry).