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Looking to the Past: Ontological (and Other) Encounters in the Andes

Presentation | October 30 | 3-5 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall

Dr. Catherine J. Allen, Professor Emerita of Anthropology at George Washington University

Christine Hastorf

It is often said that “the past is present,” but to what extent is this true in a region like the Andes after centuries of invasion, upheaval, and cultural repression? Can a view from the present illuminate any aspects of the Andean past—and vice versa? In this lecture, Catherine Allen explores the ways in which ethnographic, ethnohistorical, and archaeological research in the Andes might inform each other. She goes on to discuss how certain Andean attitudes and concepts are embodied in interactive relationships with the environment and expressed in material practices such as weaving and agriculture., 510-664-4498