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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Circulating Health: Mediatization and the (Im)Mobilization of Medical Subjects and Objects

Conference/Symposium | February 9 – 10, 2017 every day | Stephens Hall, Geballe Room

 Charles L. Briggs, Anthropology, UC Berkeley; Daniel C. Hallin, Communication, UC San Diego; Nick Couldry, Media, Communications and Social Theory, London School of Economics and Political Science; Adele Clarke, Sociology and History of Health Sciences, UC San Francisco; Sheldon Ungar, Sociology, University of Toronto; Mohan Dutta, Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore; Rose Marie Beck, African Studies, Leipzig; Leo Chávez, Anthropology, UC Irvine; Michael Schudson, Journalism, Columbia University; Julia Sonnevend, Communication Studies, University of Michigan; Geert Jacobs, Linguistics, University of Ghent; Richard Besser, ABC News; Lori Dorfman, UCB School of Public Health and the Berkeley Media Studies Group; Edward Wasserman, Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley

 Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, Institute of International Studies, Department of Anthropology, Graduate School of Journalism, Townsend Center for the Humanities, Public Health, School of, Folklore Program

This interdisciplinary, international conference features scholars from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Singapore, the UK, and the USA. The conference explores intersections between health and media.

Thursday, February 9 | 1:30pm - 5:30pm
Friday, February 10 | 9:00am - 4:30m


  Registration opens December 20. Register online or by calling 510-642-0813, or by emailing bcsm@berkeley.edu by February 8.

ESPM 2017 Seminar Series- Thomas Scott: Commerce Trumps Climate in Changing California's Woodlands

Seminar | February 9 | 132 Mulford Hall

 Thomas Scott, CE Specialist, https://ourenvironment.berkeley.edu/people/thomas-scott

 Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy, and Mgmt. (ESPM)

Asphalt Pavement Materials, Design, Construction and Maintenance

Workshop | February 7 – 9, 2017 every day | 8 a.m.-5 p.m. | Courtyard Marriott Monrovia, Monterey Room

 700 West Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016

 James Sigore, American Society of Civil Engineers; Irwin Guada, UC Pavement Research Center; Frank Farshidi, City of San Jose

 Technology Transfer Program

This three-day course is aimed at covering the full range of topics related to asphalt concrete pavements from materials and mix design to construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation. Asphalt concrete pavements are a vital part of an agency's assets and constitute about 90% of the local streets in California. The numerous topics in this class will be presented in sufficient detail to assist the...   More >

 This course is particularly designed for junior-level engineers in state and local agencies and those new to the pavement field who would benefit from a strong introduction to asphalt pavements. More senior level agency engineers, consultants, contractors

BEARS 2017: Brains and Machines: AI, Robotics and Neural Computation at Berkeley

Conference/Symposium | February 9 | 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. | International House, Chevron Auditorium

 Claire Tomlin; Pieter Abbeel; Dan Klein; Michel Maharbiz

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

The 2017 Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium (BEARS) promises to present exciting and innovative research centered on artificial intelligence and human-centric computing being conducted in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.

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Garden Closed

Miscellaneous | February 9 | 9 a.m.-5 p.m. |  UC Botanical Garden

 Botanical Garden

Due to the extreme weather forecast, the Garden will be closed Thursday, February 9.

We will re-open to our normal hours Friday, February 10.

Caltime KRONOS 8 – Time Keeper Training

Course | February 9 | 9 a.m.-12 p.m. | 241 CSS

 1608 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

 Lydia Jenkins

 Human Resources

Objective/Focus - KRONOS 8 Changes:
Cosmetic features and functionality of CalTime KRONOS 8
Access to CalTime via Citrix – one timecard view
Historical Edits
Step by step run reports process
View Accruals and totals for employee timecards
Individual and mass timecard approval
Icons, and color alerts to guide to the next task
Instructor-led, hands-on training using Caltime training...   More >

  Register online

Reactive Intermediates in Iron-mediated Dinitrogen Reduction

Seminar | February 9 | 10-11 a.m. | 775 Tan Hall

 Jon Rittle, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego

 College of Chemistry

Water's Extreme Journey

Special Event | January 29 – April 30, 2017 every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday | 10 a.m.-5 p.m. |  Lawrence Hall of Science

 Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS)

Become a raindrop and go on an interactive adventure through a water-cycle-themed maze. Have fun riding the Watershed Zip Line, walk through a giant wetland, and snap a pic of your family "swimming" with the dolphins—all while developing a deeper understanding of your place in the water ecosystem.

$10–12 Water's Extreme Journey is included with your admission. Free for members.


Water's Extreme Journey at the Lawrence Hall of Science

Summer Abroad - Netherlands and Belgium Info Session

Information Session | February 9 | 10:30-11:30 a.m. | 201 Moses Hall

 Berkeley Study Abroad

Come and learn about our multi-site program in the Netherlands and Belgium. For more information, please visit http://studyabroad.berkeley.edu/summerabroad/netherlands.

PMB Seminar : "Understanding stress response and seed development transcription factor networks"

Seminar | February 9 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. | Energy Biosciences Building, EBB First Floor Conference Room

 Liang Song, Salk Institute for Biological Studies

 Department of Plant and Microbial Biology

Marketing Yourself for Your Next Job: Resume Writing (BECAR301)

Workshop | February 9 | 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. |  Tang Center, University Health Services

 TBA, University Health Services

 Tang Center (University Health Services)

Create a resume that gets attention and results.

 Search for BECAR301 in the Blu Portal under UCB Learning Center (left column).

Berkeley Summer Abroad - Switzerland Info Session

Information Session | February 9 | 12-1 p.m. | 360 Stephens Hall

 Berkeley Study Abroad

In collaboration with the Haas School of Business, Berkeley Summer Abroad is offering a program in Geneva, Switzerland focusing on Business Innovation for Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Positive Impact.

For more information, please visit http://studyabroad.berkeley.edu/summerabroad/geneva.

How should NSF support cyberinfrastructure for the next decade?

Meeting | February 9 | 12-1 p.m. | 200C Warren Hall

 Research IT Reading Group

he National Science Foundation (NSF) has issued a “Dear Colleague Letter”, Requesting Information on Future Needs for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to Support Science and Engineering Research (see call here). They are looking for input that will “inform the Foundation's strategy and plans for an advanced cyberinfrastructure that will enable the frontiers of science and engineering to continue to...   More >

The Neural Code Issue

Seminar | February 9 | 12-1 p.m. | 560 Evans Hall

 Christoph von der Malsburg, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies and Platonite AG

 Neuroscience Institute, Helen Wills

Let's go for the real thing: Every waking second, our mind represents for us the situation we are immersed in. How do the physical states of our brain create this mental imagery? I call this the Neural Code Issue. The pathway to solving it is currently blocked by an answer that isn't even wrong. Come to my talk if you want to get the correct one. I see it as the doorway to the realization of...   More >

Dominance and friendship during the transition to adulthood in male chimpanzees

Lecture | February 9 | 12-1:30 p.m. | 3105 Tolman Hall

 Aaron A. Sandel, Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan

 Institute of Human Development

Strong social bonds, or “friendships,” play an important role in primate behavior. These bonds feature prominently in the lives of adult male chimpanzees. Male chimpanzee friends form coalitions, share food, join each other on territorial border patrols, and help each other as they attempt to rise in the dominance hierarchy. Despite the importance of friendship and dominance rank in adulthood,...   More >

Why We Need a State and Regional Approach to Higher Education in Silicon Valley

Colloquium | February 9 | 12-1 p.m. | Dwinelle Hall, Academic Innovation Studio, Dwinelle 117

 Michael W. Kirst, Professor Emeritus of Education, Stanford University & President, California State Board of Education; W. Richard (Dick) Scott, Professor Emeritus,Sociology,Stanford University

 Center for Studies in Higher Education

Postsecondary education and the San Francisco (SF) Bay Area economy are varied and complex – and they are integral to each other’s success. Colleges and universities of all types educate and train a diverse workforce, and the Bay Area employs highly skilled workers. Faculty and graduates serve as innovators and entrepreneurs; industrial labs push the boundaries of research and knowledge. These...   More >

Islamic Texts Circle: Imperfect Cities and the Structure of the Universe in Al-Farabi's Philosophy

Workshop | February 9 | 12-1:30 p.m. | 340 Stephens Hall

 Ahmad Ighbariah, Tel Aviv University

 Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Join visiting scholar Ahmad Ighbariah (Tel Aviv University) for our first Islamic Texts Circle of 2017, examining the work of 10th century philosopher Al-Farabi. To RSVP and receive texts, please contact cmes@berkeley.edu.

Text in Arabic and English translation.

Borrowing Basics (BEUHS358)

Workshop | February 9 | 12:10-1:30 p.m. | Tang Center, University Health Services, Section Club

 Richard P. Ruiz, Vice President, East Bay Region, Bank of the West

 Be Well at Work - Work/Life

This borrowing basics seminar provides a comprehensive overview of critical information related to consumer lending options. The session topics include a review of different credit types, costs associated with obtaining credit, your rights as a borrower, what creditors review when making a credit decision and ideas on how to manage your credit. This option would likely have a broader appeal to...   More >

  Enroll online

Research Colloquium: Neil Gilbert

Colloquium | February 9 | 12:10-1:30 p.m. | Haviland Hall, Commons

 Social Welfare, School of

IB SEMINAR: Ecological genomics of legume-rhizobium mutualisms

Seminar | February 9 | 12:30-1:30 p.m. | 2040 Valley Life Sciences Building

 Katy Heath, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

 Department of Integrative Biology

Gun Fight: The Battle Over The Right To Bear Arms in America

Lecture | February 9 | 12:45-2 p.m. | 110 Boalt Hall, School of Law

 Prof. Frank Zimring, Berkeley Law

 Prof. Adam Winkler, UCLA Law

 Human Rights Center, Human Rights Program, Townsend Center for the Humanities, Graduate School of Journalism, Public Health, School of

UCLA Law Professor and author Adam Winkler discusses the future of the Second Amendment under the Trump Administration and his acclaimed book Gun Fight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America, which probes four centuries of America’s fixation on gun rights. Winkler argues that guns—not abortion rights, race, or religion—are at the heart of America’s cultural divide. Discussing the...   More >

  RSVP online

Earth Week Planning Committee

Meeting | February 2 – April 27, 2017 every Thursday with exceptions | 1-2 p.m. | 102 Sproul Hall

 Student Environmental Resource Center

Interested in planning Earth Week 2017 at UC Berkeley? The Student Environmental Resource Center is (SERC) is recruiting individual students and student representatives from environmental and sustainability student organizations to join the Earth Week 2017 Planning Committee.

Meetings will be held weekly on Thursdays from 1pm-2pm in Sproul 102. Drop-ins are welcome.

Derived Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Ind-coherent sheaves on (affine) dg schemes

Seminar | February 9 | 1-2 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Harrison Chen, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

We will try to understand the two categories of quasicoherent sheaves and ind-coherent sheaves on an affine dg scheme (also known as a dg algebra) through examples, completeness and convergence properties, and t-structures. Finally, we will state applications: Grothendieck duality, proper descent, and formal completions.

Caltime KRONOS 8 – Time Keeper Training

Course | February 9 | 1-4 p.m. | 241 CSS

 1608 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

 Lydia Jenkins

 Human Resources

Objective/Focus - KRONOS 8 Changes:
Cosmetic features and functionality of CalTime KRONOS 8
Access to CalTime via Citrix – one timecard view
Historical Edits
Step by step run reports process
View Accruals and totals for employee timecards
Individual and mass timecard approval
Icons, and color alerts to guide to the next task
Instructor-led, hands-on training using Caltime training...   More >

  Register online

RISELab BEARS Open House and Poster Session

Tour/Open House | February 9 | 1:30-3:30 p.m. | 465 Soda Hall


You are cordially invited to attend RISELab's Open House and Poster Session which will be held on Thursday, February 9th from 1:30-3:30PM, inside our lab at 465 Soda Hall. The poster session format will be conducted as an open house where our researchers will display their posters throughout the lab and be on hand to discuss their research and answer questions. Come hang out with us! Lite...   More >

Student Applied Math Seminar: Mathematical Introduction to Many Body Perturbation Theory

Seminar | January 26 – March 23, 2017 every Thursday with exceptions | 2-3:30 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Lin Lin, University of California, Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

In this series of lectures, we discuss quantum many body perturbation theory from a mathematical perspective. The starting point is Feynman diagrams for Gaussian integrals. This only requires the knowledge of freshman calculus. Then assuming basic knowledge of quantum mechanics, we discuss Feynman diagrams for quantum statistical mechanics, and proceed to many body perturbation theory for...   More >

Seminar 251, Labor:

Seminar | February 9 | 2-4 p.m. | 648 Evans Hall

 Tomas Monarrez, UCB; Julien Lafortune, UCB

 Department of Economics

Tomas Monarrez - "Attendance Zones and the Segregation of U.S. Schools"

Julien Lafortune - “On the Right Track? Advanced Math Tracking in Secondary Schools”

How to Write a Stem Research Proposal

Workshop | February 9 | 3-4 p.m. | 1229 Dwinelle Hall

 Sean Burns, OURS

 Office of Undergraduate Research

This work shop is primarily designed for STEM undergraduates applying for the SURF program - but all Cal undergraduates are welcome.
The session will cover all aspects of a successful research proposal.

Freshwater Ecology and Conservation Seminar Series: Sandra Bibiana Correa

Seminar | February 9 | 3-4 p.m. | 338 Koshland Hall

 Sandra Bibiana Correa, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Georgia

 Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy, and Mgmt. (ESPM)

Sandra Bibiana Correa
"Evolution, Ecology and Conservation of Fish-Forest Interactions"

“a Tale of Autumn” by Christopher Chen: New Play Reading Series

Performing Arts - Theater | February 9 | 4-6 p.m. |  Durham Studio Theater (Dwinelle Hall)

 Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies, Townsend Center for the Humanities

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Richard III and Macbeth, along with popular “quest-for-power” TV shows Game of Thrones and House of Cards, A Tale of Autumn is a modern day fable about the psychology of a one-time altruistic corporation whose seemingly benign tactics destroy a community over time.

Join us for a reading of the play A Tale of Autumn by Christopher Chen, followed by a discussion with...   More >

Multi transmitter neurons in the mammalian brain - more than just an oddity

Seminar | February 9 | 4-5 p.m. | 125 Li Ka Shing Center

 Bernardo Sabatini, Harvard Medical School

 Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

Emergent Chirality in Magnetic and Electronic Textures

Seminar | February 9 | 4-5 p.m. | 348 Hearst Memorial Mining Building

 Dr. Padraic Shafer, Advanced Light Source, LBNL

 Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Chirality determines many important properties in nature, ranging from the electroweak interaction in particle physics to the reactions of enzymes that are fundamental for life. In condensed matter physics, chiral structures determine the functional behavior of magnetic and other correlated-electron materials. Underlying these functionalities are a wealth of intriguing nanoscale ordering...   More >

African Studies Spring Reception

Reception | February 9 | 4-6 p.m. | International House, Home Room

 Center for African Studies, MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

Please join us for some light refreshments and lively conversation!

The Political Crisis in Brazil: What Is at Stake for Public Policies?

Lecture | February 9 | 4-5:30 p.m. | 223 Moses Hall

 Carlos Milani

 Center for Latin American Studies

Carlos Milani will examine the current crisis in Brazil, its causes, and its impact on future public policies.

Berkeley Summer Abroad - Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic Info Session

Information Session | February 9 | 4-5 p.m. | 360 Stephens Hall

 Berkeley Study Abroad

Travel across multiple countries and explore the limits of coexistence in both the "old" and "new" Europe.

The program focuses on both historical and contemporary minorities: the Jews of Europe and most specifically Poland; the Roma of Northern Bohemia; the Vietnamese in Prague, the Turkish in Germany and recent refugees across European Union member states.

For more information, please...   More >

Williamson Seminar on Institutional Analysis: "Status Goods:Experimental Evidence from Platinum Credit Cards"

Seminar | February 9 | 4:10-6 p.m. | Haas School of Business, C325 Cheit Hall

 Gautam Rao, Harvard, Haas School of Business

 Haas School of Business

Part of the Haas School's Oliver E. Williamson Seminar on Institutional Analysis

Mathematics Department Colloquium: Fukaya Moduli

Colloquium | February 9 | 4:10-5 p.m. | 60 Evans Hall

 Eric Zaslow, Northwestern

 Department of Mathematics

Interesting structures arise by considering the space of objects in a Fukaya category of Lagrangian submanifolds. These include knot invariants, cluster algebras, open Gromov-Witten invariants, ​D-modules and noncommutative geometry. Despite the panoply of topics, I will try to make the talk accessible, telling a story through illustrative examples.

Linked Reading: Mapping a Global Renaissance with 53,829 Texts

Lecture | February 9 | 5-6:30 p.m. | 127 Dwinelle Hall

 James Lee, University of Cincinnati

 Department of English

This talk adapts digital methods to redefine our understanding of a squarely humanistic problem: the history of race in Shakespeare’s era. If we only read Shakespeare’s plays, the Renaissance world looks fairly small, tracing a map that would include political adversaries like France, Spain, and Holland and a distant imagination of Italy and the Ottoman Empire. However, if we expand our textual...   More >

Bad Transitions after Free Elections: 32nd Annual Colin and Elsa Miller Lecture

Lecture | February 9 | 5-7 p.m. | Faculty Club, Heyns Room

 Leszek Balcerowicz, Professor of Economics and Former Chairman of the National Bank of Poland and Former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, College of Europe

 Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ISEEES)

Professor of Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics (WSE), former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, former President of the National Bank of Poland (NBP). He is the architect of Poland’s economic reforms initiated in 1989; he has been at the center of Poland’s economic and political life since the fall of communism in Poland in 1989. Author of more than 100 publications on...   More >

Story Hour in the Library featuring Adam Hochschild

Reading - Literary | February 9 | 5-6 p.m. |  Doe Library

 Adam Hochschild


Story Hour in the Library is a monthly prose reading series held in UC Berkeley's Morrison Library. In February the program features author Adam Hochschild.

DCRP Lecture: Atul Pokharel, Planning for Fairness

Lecture | February 9 | 5-6:30 p.m. | 112 Wurster Hall

 College of Environmental Design

THU, FEB 9, 5:00pm. Atul Pokharel will discuss the possibilities and limits of community infrastructure governance.

UCDC Info Session

Information Session | February 9 | 5-6 p.m. | 236 Evans Hall

 Office of Undergraduate Research

UCDC is a program which sends UC juniors and seniors to Washington, D.C. to intern, do research, and take classes for a semester. UCDC students come from all majors, intern three to four days a week, and take two classes which each meet once a week. Students from UC campuses live and take classes at the UC Washington Center, an eleven-story building about six blocks from the White House....   More >

Designated Emphasis Open House And Information Session

Information Session | February 9 | 5-6:30 p.m. | 340 Moffitt Undergraduate Library

 The Program in Critical Theory

Join The Program in Critical Theory’s faculty and students for a panel discussion and Q&A about the Designated Emphasis (DE) in Critical Theory. All UC Berkeley Ph.D. students interested in applying to the DE are invited to attend. Refreshments and informal social to follow.

Applied Algebra Seminar: Scene reconstruction and a resolution of the multiview variety

Seminar | February 9 | 5:15-6:15 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Daniel Lowengrub, University of California, Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

The multiview variety associated to a collection of $N$ cameras records which sequences of image points in $P^{2N}$ can be obtained by taking pictures of a given world point $x\in P^3$ with the cameras. In order to reconstruct a scene from its picture under the different cameras it is important to be able to find the critical points of the function which measures the distance between a general...   More >

No Mercy Here: Gender, Punishment, and the Making of Jim Crow Modernity: Prof. Sarah Haley, University of California, Los Angeles

Lecture | February 9 | 5:30-8 p.m. | Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, Multicultural Community Center

 Center for Race and Gender

Center for Race & Gender presents the Spring 2017 Distinguished Guest Lecture

No Mercy Here: Gender, Punishment, and the Making of Jim Crow Modernity
Prof. Sarah Haley, University of California, Los Angeles

Introduction by Prof. Nikki Haley, African American Studies

Thursday, February 9, 2017
5:30pm - reception; 6pm - 8pm - lecture & discussion
Multicultural Community Center, MLK...   More >

Google Tech Talk

Information Session | February 9 | 5:30-7:30 p.m. | Soda Hall, Wozniak Lounge (430-8)

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Come hear from a Google engineer and recruiter about available internship and full-time opportunities for students in Computer Science. We'll include an overview of the application process, potential roles, and Q&A.

RSVP: https://goo.gl/J6pcts

Crafter-Dark: Free, drop-in crafting, in the Student Union

Workshop | October 13, 2016 – June 8, 2017 the second Thursday of the month every month with exceptions | 8-10 p.m. | Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, Living Room

 ASUC Art Studio

Get crafty with us! We’re hosting free, drop-in arts & crafts workshops in the MLK Jr. Student Union campus living room every 2nd Thursday of the month.

This October, we'll be making some spooky-looking velum Halloween Lanterns– taught by Cal C.R.E.A.T.E. (Creative Residencies for Emerging Artists Teaching Empowerment). Hope to see you there!

The 7 Fingers (Les 7 Doigts de la Main): Cuisine and Confessions

Performing Arts - Theater | February 9 | 8 p.m. |  Zellerbach Hall

 Cal Performances

Bringing the aesthetics of classical theater to the realm of the contemporary circus, the fearless performers of Seven Fingers explore life's big questions while preparing food on a set equipped with a functional kitchen. Their latest creation, Cuisine and Confessions, mixes circus arts, avant-garde dance, theater, and cooking-show satire: "This playful and participatory show is a piece of pure...   More >

starting at $30

  Tickets go on sale August 9. Buy tickets by calling 510-642-9988, or by emailing tickets@calperformances.org

No word in vain: Reading Plato's dialogues (again): Sather Classical Lectures

Lecture | February 9 | 8:30 p.m. |  Alumni House

 Mary Margaret McCabe, King's College London

 Department of Classics

The opening lecture in the 2017 Sather series "Seeing and Saying: Plato on Virtue and Knowledge"

Exhibits and Ongoing Events

Protecting the New Wonderland: The Origins of the National Park Service

Exhibit - Artifacts | February 26, 2016 – April 1, 2017 every day | Bancroft Library, Rowell Cases & 2nd floor corridor between The Bancroft Library and Doe Library

 Bancroft Library

Signed by President Woodrow Wilson in August 1916, the Organic Act created the National Park Service, the federal bureau that protects our national parks and monuments. Several UC Berkeley alumni with conservationist interests and the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco played key roles in its development. This exhibition explores the origins of the NPS with materials...   More >

Beyond Tintin and Superman: The Diversity of Global Comics

Exhibit - Multimedia | September 19, 2016 – April 23, 2017 every day | Doe Library, Bernice Layne Brown Gallery


You are invited to this exhibit of comics and graphic novels owned by the UC Berkeley Library. These materials often reflect the socioeconomic, ideological and political realities of the societies in which they are produced. To highlight these diverse realities, and to celebrate our differences, this exhibit presents a selection of comics and graphic novels published in many countries.

We...   More >

Guerra Civil at 80

Exhibit - Artifacts | September 1, 2016 – July 1, 2017 every day | Bancroft Library, 2nd floor corridor between The Bancroft Library and Doe Library

 Bancroft Library

Marking the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, the exhibition Guerra Civil @ 80 features selections from The Bancroft Library's Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Bay Area Post records and photographic collections, along with posters, books, pamphlets, and other ephemera. A visual and textual display of the struggle to defend the Second Spanish Republic, the...   More >

Andy Warhol: Still Lifes and Portraits

Exhibit - Multimedia | November 23, 2016 – March 12, 2017 every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

A prominent figure of the American Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol (1928–1987) was one of the first to integrate fine art with celebrity culture, media spectacle, and mass production. This exhibition presents a selection of new gifts to BAMPFA from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, on view here for the first time, alongside previous gifts to the collection. The prints on display span...   More >

 Free for BAMPFA members, UC Berkeley students, faculty, staff, retirees; 18 & under + guardian $10 Non-UC Berkeley students, 65+, disabled persons $12 General admission

War Ink: California Veterans Exhibit

Exhibit - Photography | November 1, 2016 – May 1, 2017 every day | Doe Library, Brown Gallery (east wing)

 Cal Veteran Services Center

Photographs from the celebrated War Ink Project will be on display in Berkeley’s Doe Library in November. The exhibit features striking images of tattoos that express the impact of combat experiences on California veterans. Jason Deitch, co-creator of War Ink and a Cal veteran, hopes the display will “bridge the divide between the veterans and civilian communities.” The project is “both exhibit...   More >

Designs from a Distance

Exhibit - Artifacts | January 30 – May 19, 2017 every day | 210 Wurster Hall

 Environmental Design, College of

CLOSES May 19. This exhibit features design and planning projects on six continents by architects based in the San Francisco Bay Area and held by the Environmental Design Archives.

The Gift to Sing: Highlights of the Leon F. Litwack and Bancroft Library African American Collections

Exhibit - Artifacts | September 23, 2016 – February 17, 2017 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. | Bancroft Library, Gallery

 Bancroft Library

For decades professor emeritus of history Leon F. Litwack has been accumulating what is arguably the world’s finest private collection of books on African American history and culture. This exhibition displays highlights of the collection that will be coming to The Bancroft Library as a bequest. The Litwack collection is particularly noteworthy for its Harlem Renaissance first editions in...   More >

I-Tal-Yah: An Island of Divine Dew: Italian Crossroads in Jewish Culture

Exhibit - Artifacts | August 30, 2016 – June 30, 2017 every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday | 11 a.m.-4 p.m. | Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life (2121 Allston Way), Warren Hellman & Charles Michael Galleries

 Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life

Never before the creation of the State of Israel did Jews of so many origins live together, and in such a stimulating environment, as they did in the land they soon started calling in Hebrew i-tal-yah, an “Island of Divine Dew”. The exhibition highlights Italian Jewish art and artifacts from The Magnes Collection.

The Power of Attention: Magic and Meditation in Hebrew "shiviti" Manuscript Art

Exhibit - Artifacts | January 24 – June 23, 2017 every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday | 11 a.m.-4 p.m. |  Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life (2121 Allston Way)

 Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life

Created from the early-modern period and into the present, shiviti manuscripts are found in Hebrew prayer books, ritual textiles, and on the walls of synagogues and homes throughout the Jewish diaspora. Wrestling with ways to externalize the presence of God in Jewish life, these documents center upon the graphic representation of God's ineffable four-letter Hebrew name, the Tetragrammaton, and...   More >

From the Photographer’s Archive: Roman Vishniac

Exhibit - Photography | January 24 – June 20, 2017 every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday | 11 a.m.-4 p.m. |  Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life (2121 Allston Way)

 Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life

The work of Roman Vishniac (1897-1990), a Russian-born photographer, most notable for his documentary photographs of Jewish life in Eastern Europe in the years immediately preceding its destruction, has been celebrated in exhibitions and publications since the 1940s. Following the photographer's death, his daughter, Mara Vishniac Kohn, became the executor of Roman Vishniac’s estate. In 2007, the...   More >