GM Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems: Speed Networking and Learning Event

Information Session | February 5 | 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Soda Hall, Wozniak Lounge (430)

 Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS)

Meet and talk with working engineers and managers in seven important automotive domains:

-Autonomous Sensing
-Electric Propulsion
-Vehicle Motion Embedded Controls
-Active Safety and Level 2 Autonomous Systems
-Level 4/5 Fully-Autonomous Systems
-Infotainment & Connectivity
-Cyber Security

Michael Roberts – Autonomous Sensing Domain
Mike is the Assistant Program Engineering Manager for AV Sensors. He supports the development and execution of various AV Sensors, working cross functionally with engineering and business units to ensure General Motors’ corporate sensor strategy is aligned with future program needs. Mike ensures sensors are integrated; balancing sensor performance and aesthetics to support major vehicle program milestones.

Vimesh Patel – Electric Propulsion Domain
Vimesh is the Engineering Group Manager of Electrification Propulsion System Integration. He manages a technical team responsible for the integration of the electrification propulsion systems into vehicle architectures. His team develops, analyzes, writes, verifies, test and balances the propulsion system requirements to meet the vehicle targets. Vimesh’s work encompasses the entire electrification system, including key components such as power electronics, batteries, electric motors, and drive units.

Jia Schock – Vehicle Motion Embedded Controls Domain
Jia leads a team who works across multiple physics based functional software areas to ensure that the Vehicle Motion Embedded Control software is delivered on time with quality. Software elements include torque management, electro chemical, electric, hydraulic, thermos fluid, chemical, state estimation and optimization functionality. Jia’s team coordinates development activities including requirements generation, controls design and software implementation.

Diana Voges – Active Safety and Level 2 Autonomous Systems Domain
Diana leads a group of software engineers that performs behavioral planning for various Advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and Level 2 semi-autonomous features, such as SuperCruise, Adaptive Cruise Control, Front/Rear Emergency Autobraking and Lane Keep Assist. The work involves developing future products as well as supporting current production software. The team develops software in simulation as well as on development vehicles.

Craig Lytle – Level 4/5 Fully Autonomous Systems Domain
Craig is a team lead for autonomous feature behavioral planning and has worked in embedded controls for over 10 years, focusing on advanced drivers assist and automated driving applications. He has worked in integration, application development and software architecture on products such as automatic emergency braking, SuperCruise, and redundant systems for AVs.

David Bai –Infotainment and Connectivity Domain
David is the Infotainment Software Architect for Over the Air (OTA) and Remote Reflash Programming in the Infotainment System Design and Integration space. He is part of the team that “codes” the Android based platform used for future GM vehicle infotainment systems. OTA enables continuous vehicle feature and software updates.

Jon Jedlicka – Infotainment and Connectivity Domain
Jon is the Lead System, Hardware and Tools support for the GM Infotainment Software Organization responsible for the production development of next-generation Android-based IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) systems. In this role he defines and drives the creation of tools enabling the development of software and hardware for these systems.

Di Jin – Cyber Security Domain
Di is the Product Cybersecurity Innovation Leader, developing overall cybersecurity innovation strategy for product cybersecurity, supporting development of cybersecurity advanced technology roadmaps and exploration of advanced technologies, defining university research collaborations, participating in industry consortia and industry standardization activities, and contributing to automotive regulatory work to keep GM Product Cybersecurity a leader in the industry.

Rohan Deshpande – GM Event Co-Leader
Rohan is an Autonomous Driving Software Engineer in GM’s Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Innovation and Software Engineering Group. He is a recent Berkeley grad with dual undergrad degrees in EECS and ME.

Ankita Joshi – GM Event Co-Leader
Ankita is an Autonomous System Safety Engineer in GM’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and AV Functional Safety Group. She also actively supports GM’s Sustainability Team by helping develop strategy and launch company-wide initiatives. Ankita is a 2017 UC Berkeley ME graduate.