CRISPR Consensus?: Public debate and the future of genome editing in human reproduction

Conference/Symposium | October 26 | 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. | Stanley Hall, Berdahl Auditorium, room 105

 Innovative Genomics Institute

Join us for an open symposium on public participation in ethics and policy around making heritable changes to human DNA. Come hear perspectives from bioethicists, religious leaders, patient advocates, disability advocates, scientists, international policymakers and more, and add your voice to the conversation!

New genome editing technologies have the potential to profoundly affect the future of humanity. The ability to make direct genetic changes to the DNA of future children raises far-reaching ethical questions:
• Should it be done?
• For what purposes?
• With what limitations?
• How should we as a human community guide and govern these emerging technologies?

A broad public dialogue is urgently needed, one that draws upon the rich diversity of human experience and the fullest range of perspectives. This symposium will explore the challenges—and possible paths forward—for public participation in charting the future of heritable genome editing.

 All Audiences

 All Audiences

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