Trello Team Project Boards

Course | October 30 | 2-3:30 p.m. |  Virtual Classroom

 Human Resources

This course details the process of leveraging Trello Boards for team or individual project management. Emphasis is placed on the highly-extensible Trello platform interface for defining, assigning, and tracking project elements. Learning Objectives * Understand the conceptual hierarchy of Boards, Lists, Cards, Checklists, and Items. * Create new Boards and define Lists to categorize tasks and task phases. * Populate Lists with Cards that specify task requirements and due dates. * Quantify task completion by integrating Checklists and Card completion flags. * Define and associate custom Labels to provide contextual attributes. * Manage tasks by moving, copying, archiving, and deleting Cards. * Create Cards and Lists using predefined template structures. * Attach files, images, and comments to Cards. * Create navigational links within projects or to external resources. * Create Teams to group Boards and Members as unified collections. * Modify Board visibility to provision private, team, and public access. * Assign Members to Cards to delegate or monitor task completion. * Link, embed, and provision e-mail commenting using sharing functionality. * Apply Filters to Boards to isolate Cards based on specified criteria. * Watch Boards, Lists, and Cards to monitor progress as a project stakeholder. * Integrate Power-Ups to augment baseline Trello functionality. * Explore the functional and conceptual equivalencies of the Trello platform with industry-standard project management applications such as Microsoft Project.

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