Fact, Fiction, and Film: Turning History into Narrative: with Hallie Rubenhold

Lecture | April 17 | 6 p.m. | Wheeler Hall, 330, Berkeley English Lounge

 Hallie Rubenhold, Author | Broadcaster | Historical Consultant

 Department of English

Hallie Rubenhold is a bestselling author, social historian, broadcaster and historical consultant for TV and film. Her most recent book, The Five is the first biography of the five victims of Jack the Ripper and reclaims the narrative in favour of the women, rather than the murderer. In addition to The Five, Hallie is the author of two works of non-fiction, including; The Covent Garden Ladies, which became the inspiration for the hit Hulu television series Harlots, and Lady Worsley’s Whim which became the 2015 BBC 2 drama, The Scandalous Lady W. She has also written two novels set during the period of the French Revolution; Mistress of My Fate and The French Lesson.