Dance, Heritage, and the Island: A Cuban in Oakland with Royland Lobato

Lecture | October 18 |  Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

 Royland Lobato

 Arts + Design

In 2005, Royland Lobato arrived in the Bay Area from his native Cuba. Born in Guantanamo, his fascination with the folklore of the island drove him to become a teacher of Cuba’s musical and dance traditions, especially its Afro-Cuban elements, but also its contemporary popular expression, such as rueda de casino, rumba, son, and other forms. In this lecture, Lobato will discuss his experience as an immigrant and the enduring influence of Afro-Cuban cultural heritage. A graduate of the School of Instruction of the Arts, with a specialization in dance, he was a founding member of the Havana-based Potencias, a folkloric dance and music ensemble. Upon his immigration to the U.S. he has presented workshops and performances from Hawaii to New York, Mexico, and here at UC Berkeley as well as in Cuba. He offers classes at his studio in Oakland, California.

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