Book Talk: Design-Based School Improvement

Lecture | February 1 | 12-1:15 p.m. | 2515 Tolman Hall

 Rick Mintrop, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley

 Graduate School of Education

Professor Mintrop will discuss his new book, Design-Based School Improvement: A Practical
 Guide for Education Leaders, which explores how the need for more robust links between
 research and practice is at the heart of the effort to enact and scale up successful school
 reforms. One promising approach is "design development," a methodology widely used in other 
fields and only recently adapted to education. Design development offers a disciplined process for identifying
 practical problems, assessing evidence of outcomes, accounting for variability in 
implementation and results, and establishing a foundation for broader understanding of the
 problem and proposed solutions. This book interweaves narratives from practice with theoretical 
excursions into design-based innovation, problem solving, and intervention research.

Rick Mintrop is passionate about both research and practice, and he strives to maintain a link between 
the two in his thinking and professional life. His involvement in educational leadership preparation has
 been the bridge, first as faculty co-director of the Principal Leadership Institute at UCLA and then as 
director of the doctoral program in Leadership for Educational Equity (LEEP) at UC Berkeley. Theory and
 practice—precise empirical study and participation in the lives of practitioners in an intuitive and holistic
 way—have been the dual source of his inspiration. This book, written with the assistance of doctoral
 students Mahua Baral and Elizabeth Zumpe and GSE alumn John Hall, brings the two worlds together. 

 * Lunch will be provided *