Porous Materials at the Interface of Organic and Materials Chemistry

Seminar | December 13 | 4-5 p.m. | 180 Tan Hall

 Dr. Phillip J. Milner, Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Cornell University

 College of Chemistry

Porous materials such as metal-organic frameworks and porous organic polymers have the potential to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing society, from chemical separations to clean energy generation to catalysis. Here, we discuss the unique challenges involved in the scalable synthesis of framework materials and their applications for challenging separations relevant to the environment and medicine. First, we will discuss new insights into the controlled synthesis of metal-organic frameworks, including new sustainable strategies to prepare these materials on large scale and under hydrothermal or solvent-free conditions. In addition, we will discuss strategies to control the crystallite size distributions of these powerful materials. Next, we will discuss how structural insights at the molecular level allow for the design of next-generation materials for carbon dioxide capture from the emissions streams of fossil fuel power plants, with a focus on “mechanism over material.” We will extend this molecular-level focus to challenging liquid phase separations relevant to the pharmaceutical industry using designer porous materials, including the purification of fluoroarene regioisomers and the removal of carcinogens from active pharmaceutical ingredients.