Andean Studies Conference, Day 1: Institute for Andean Studies

Conference/Symposium | January 4 | 8:30 a.m.-5:40 p.m. | 160 Kroeber Hall

 John Rick, President, Institute for Andean Studies

 Institute of Andean Studies

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Please note that the conference is taking place in 160 Kroeber Hall this year.

See SATURDAY (Day 2 of 2) Program on a separate posting.
FRIDAY MORNING, January 4, 2019

Daniel Contreras
Stages, periods, and radiocarbon: 14C dating in the archaeology of
the central Andes

Steph Gruver, Kurt Rademaker, Matthieu Carré
Occupational seasonality at Quebrada Jaguay-280: Human adaptation
to environmental instability

Melanie J. Miller, Iain Kendall, Jose Capriles, Maria Bruno, Richard
Evershed, Christine Hastorf
The trouble with maize and fish: Refining our understanding of the
diets of Lake Titicaca’s inhabitants using multiple stable isotope
methods (1500 BC – AD 1100)

Cathy Lynne Costin
Revisiting North Coast Formative Period shamanic practice: The
prevalence of depictions of psychoactive and therapeutic substances in
ceramic imagery and the case for foundational ritual power


Fifth Annual Commensal Feast, Heyns Room, The Faculty Club

Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology tour(s)

Poster session, 120 Kroeber Hall


Miriam A. Kolar
Sounding out Andean sites with conch shell horns: Pututus in
archaeoacoustical fieldwork at Chavín and Huánuco Pampa

Patrick Carmichael
Of men and gods: Dramatic composition on a Nasca 1 ceramic drum

Arabel Fernández López
La Señora de Cao: Nuevas interpretaciones sobre su rol y el
contenido del fardo funerario

Mercedes Delgado Agurto, Dante Casareto Mognaschi
Interpretación iconográfica de vasijas funerarias del sitio Villa El Salvador

Camila Capriata, Raúl Zambrano
What really changed? Politics, religion and social interaction at
an early colonial town in the Lurín Valley

Javier Fonseca Santa Cruz (IAS 2019 Travel Grantee)
Ocupación Wari en el Antisuyo

FRIDAY EVENING, 5:40 pm January 4, 2019

Annual business meeting (IAS members only),

The program, including the poster presenters and titles, continues on the SATURDAY (Day 2 of 2) posting.

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