Structural Transparency and Open-Air Genetics

Seminar | October 23 | 9-9:30 a.m. | Barrows Hall, Radio broadcast, ON-AIR ONLY, 90.7 FM

 Aaron Pomerantz, PhD candidate, Department of Integrative Biology; Andrew Saintsing, PhD student, Department of Integrative Biology

 KALX 90.7 FM

Tune in to The Graduates this Tuesday for an interview with Aaron Pomerantz from the Department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. Aaron is a PhD candidate whose research is focused on color in the wings of butterflies and moths. He talks about the genetic factors that lead to structural color in butterflies and transparency in moths. He also discusses the new technologies that have enabled scientists to perform genetic tests outside of labs. He developed the "Genomics in the Jungle" field course in which he teaches students how to sequence DNA in the Peruvian Amazon.

The Graduates, featuring graduate student research at Cal, is broadcast every other Tuesday on KALX 90.7 FM. Past episodes are available to listen and download free on iTunes or online. This episode of The Graduates is hosted by Andrew Saintsing, a PhD student in the Department of Integrative Biology.

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