2018 Human Rights Fellowship Conference

Conference/Symposium | October 26 | 12-5 p.m. | 215 Boalt Hall, School of Law

 Heba Alnajada; Safa Ansari-Bayegan; Pieter Baker; Karin Bashir; Tania Docarmo; Derrika Hunt; Seigi Karasaki; Jennifer Jones; Bernadette Lim; Sammy Mehtar; Sophie Perl; Raed Rafei; Olivia Rempel; Aleksandra Simonova; Mavis Siu; Yasemin Taskin-Alp; Levi Vonk

 Human Rights Center

The Human Rights Centers' 2018 Fellows have returned from their summer fieldwork and will discuss pressing human rights topics at our annual Human Rights Fellowship Conference. Enjoy brief TED-style talks and panel discussions related to racial injustice and the death penalty, child labor, the mental health effects of separating families at the U.S./Mexico border as well as inspirational lessons from human rights defenders and survivors around the world. Join us for lunch and a post-event reception. Come for all or part of the day.

 All Audiences

 All Audiences

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