Student Hosted Colloquium in Inorganic Chemistry: Using N,O to get to Yes. Catalytic Amination of Alkenes for Small Molecule and Polymer Synthesis

Seminar | May 10 | 4-5 p.m. | 120 Latimer Hall

 Laurel Schafer, Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia Vancouver

 College of Chemistry

N,O-Chelated ureate complexes of early transition metals can be used to catalytically add amines and N-heterocycles to both terminal and internal alkenes by hydroaminoalkylation. This alkene hydrofunctionalization reaction results in the generation of Csp3-Csp3 bonds in an atom-economic fashion and offers alternative disconnection strategies for the assembly of - and β-substituted amines and N-heterocycles. Mechanistic insights have advanced N,O-chelated catalyst development, to realize improved substrate scope and greater TONs and TOFs.1 These catalyst efficiencies have been leveraged in the synthesis of amine containing polymers to access a new class of amine-functionalized polyolefins. These new polymers display tunable viscoelastic properties that can be attributed to the incorporation of unprotected amine functionality. Advances in the synthesis of self-healing materials and polymer compatibilizers will also be presented., 510-643-0572